Thursday, February 28, 2008

1. Sunrise over New Zealand. We didn't get out of the airport but we did get this treat from the window as morning invaded the sky. If you look close you can see a plane just beginning its journey.

2. After 30 hours of travel we landed in Brisbane Australia. The first view from the air was breathtaking. It reminds me a bit of Narnia.

3. We settled into the hotel and promptly took a cab to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary where we had been promised the opportunity of "cuddling a Koala." It was worth every penny.

4. This was the best zoo any of us had ever been to. The barrier between visitors and creatures was amazingly small and another highlight was the kangaroo field. We grabbed handfuls of food pellets and made our way into the large pen. This little guy was my favorite. We hung out for a good thirty minutes or so.

5. Fading light at the end of a glorious first day. As the sun retreated, the evening lights of the bridge came to life outside the window of my hotel room.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Daylight, leave the shadows falling behind
Put your depressed sedations to rest
There's nothing, nothing to medicate
Let the rush of the spirit find me

I'll go, I'll go for daylight

Daylight, leave the black life and dark filled rage
And let all obsessions fade
The constant, the constant is love
With you, with you

Hey love, hey love
Hey love, hey love

We all wanna rise
Seconds, seconds they fly by, yeah
We all wanna rise
We all wanna see light
We wanna see light

We all wanna rise
Seconds, seconds still fly by, yeah
We all wanna rise
We all wanna see light
We wanna see light, yeah, yeah

Daylight, daylight, daylight

- Kenna

These photos are the sun rising slowly over the wing of the quiet jet that carried us from Tokyo to Detroit last week. It spanned about forty minutes and I listened to "Daylight" by Kenna on repeat for all of it. If you haven't heard this song please stop what you are doing and get it now ;)

We are safely in Australia and I will be posting much more soon. I hope you are well.


Friday, February 15, 2008

We are about to go on stage for the final show of this Japan tour. We had a lovely ride on the bullet train again today from Nagoya to Tokyo and passed the overwhelming Mt. Fuji in the distance. Here we go!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Greetings from Osaka! We landed safely in Japan and were taken by van through a maze of lights and bridges to our hotel. Our favorite translator, Abe, is with us again and we have been wonderfully hosted thus far. Every evening we have a dinner that is equal parts adventurous and amazing. We have tried many delicacies in the past including raw beef and horse but this time we had raw chicken! My personal favorite so far has been this little tomato (pictured above) called a strawberry tomato. I have never had anything like it. It actually tastes like the best parts of a strawberry and a tomato. Hard to imagine I know, but it was delicious.
The flight over was long but relaxing and I finished reading "This is Your Brain On Music" and continued listening to my Allen Greenspan book on tape. I think listening is the only way I could get through a book like that but I feel like I am learning a great deal about the global economy and the bigger picture of how money rules the world.
The first show was a lot of fun and the crowd was welcoming and enthusiastic! This is also the time I have experienced snow in Japan. It is so beautiful here. We are about to leave now to board the Bullet Train for Nagoya.
Hope you are well,